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Murder Mysteries performed by Murders Assured

Our weekends and evenings of murder mystery are deadly fun!

Murders Assured are a Devon based company who have been delighting audiences with our unique blend of murder and merriment since 1998.

We write our own scripts and our actors are skilled in the art of improvisation because, after all, anything might happen!

Do you love a “whodunnit”?  Do you have a suspicious mind? Can you eliminate a red herring?  Murders Assured’s events are ideal for individuals, couples or groups and you will find them addictive.

All our Murder Mystery dramas follow different plots, but from the start we can guarantee shocks, surprises and, of course, a foul murder.  Participate as much as you wish, follow all the clues and interrogate the suspects, or just sit back, relax, enjoy the friendly atmosphere and have a good time.

Whether your sleuthing skills are on a par with Poirot or Clouseau, we are confident that you will enjoy a light hearted evening or weekend, full of fun and laughter!

Are you hooked yet? Of course you are: you’re dying to know more!  Investigate our website further and all will be revealed; or stop dead and contact us for details of events and how to book either as a host or to participate.

Useful website links:

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Our contact details:

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See the events page for our murder mystery weekends and evenings in Devon

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